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Things to consider while hiring for an SEO company!!

SEO is now an important part for every business website. SEO can help to improve the ranking as well as the visibility of the web site. This is a well known fact for every business owner that good online presence and better visibility of their business website can help to earn more profit.

Now business owners are hiring professional SEO companies for this purpose. If you are going to hire an SEO company for your business website in Indian market, Here are some tips to consider before hiring.


Determine the result : Don’t rush to hire the company. Think clearly about these things.How much you want to invest? What are your expectations from the investment?

Do some research : You will find a number of SEO service provider companies but all are not good. See their Linkedin profiles. List those companies which you think can work well for you. Start detailed research about these companies.

Choose the Best : Start the detailed study about the shortlisted companies. Look their work for the clients. Ask them about their SEO techniques. It will give you a chance to judge them based on their work. Do a competitive analysis of the companies. Keep in mind your budget and your requirements. Choose the company which fits the best with your requirements.

Contact the company : After you finalize a company for your business website’s SEO , Contact them for the contract.Make a short term, flexible contract. It is very important. If you are not satisfied with their work, you can change the company.


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How To develop an SEO Friendly Website.

Most of the people search on the Internet at least once before making any purchase and business are also making their on-line presence.

Every business has their websites. Having a website is just not enough for businesses these days. If you truly want your clients to reap the benefits of your business website, then SEO is a necessity. According to SEO experts, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website and make it into the reach of everyone without any cost just using search engines.

Some points to make a website SEO friendly :

Keywords : keywords are an extremely important part of any search engine optimization campaign. If you are using the wrong keywords, then your targeted customer can never find you. So opt for the proper keywords.

Placement of keyword :  The keywords should be placed in the right place on the website like title, meta description and alt tags etc.


Search engine friendly navigation : Create a structure for your website that search engines can follow. This search engine friendly structure can assist to make site indexed.

SEO friendly URL’s and file names : The name used for the URL’s and files of the websites should use keywords and should be more descriptive.

Proper use of social media : Social media is an important part of the today’s life. Facebook, twitter and Google plus are very popular. Use these media effectively for your website.

SEO experts can facilitate you to optimize a website and improve the website ranking.


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All about Google’s recent update..

Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Quality Team proclaimed in his official journal that the fourth Penguin rule update was complete to achieve the version variety 2.0. He denoted, “About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a daily user would perhaps notice”. Matt specified that this update is related to nursing update to the rule and not a knowledge refresh.

Algorithm Update – Definition Typically yields changes within the search results on the larger finish of the spectrum. Algorithms will modification at any time, however noticeable changes tend to be less frequent.

Data Refresh – This occurs once knowledge is invigorated inside Associate in Nursing existing algorithm. Changes square measure generally toward the less-impactful finish of the spectrum, and square measure typically thus little that individuals don’t even notice Matt baptizes this Penguin update to be Penguin 2.0 inwardly, and commits to implying this to be internet an online spam modification dedicated to targeting and addressing black hat web spam. He concede this new update to be a wide- assorted when put next to the terribly 1st Penguin update, Penguin 1.0 created by Google. you ought to keep in mind Matt commenting a moment back that following Penguin Update are extremely bumpy and that they were getting ready on it. Yes, he tried his word. This update is anticipated to own a lot of flames and traffic drops compared to the previous Penguin updates.


Penguin 2.0 will target on advertorials violating Google’s quality guidelines. Payed adverts that facilitate in donating Page Rank for a specific website area unit thought-about spam, thus cash transactions reciprocally of passing on page rank won’t be inspired any longer. Matt expects this update to possess an honest impact on improvement spammy search queries a minimum of to some extent. Matt share regarding the longer term plans of Google to possess subtle and far easier link analysis system.

Google plans to detect hacked sites in two different ways. The primary technique can get proclaimed to US in type of a sole new update and that they area unit at the verge of getting discussions with webmasters making an attempt to differentiate between a hack website and people sites that supply malware. Matt warns web site homeowners World Health Organization area unit regular viewers and avid fans of black hat forums and alternative malicious content sites and asks them to find and take away any unhealthy links found in their sites victimisation their webmaster tools account. He additionally had words on a same domain filling the whole page of the search results page for one search question, that Google is making an attempt to limit this fault.

Some notable comments received for Penguin Update 2.0 “Well, what an excellent begins to the day – my main web site (5 years old) that has many hundred pages of distinctive, helpful content has been slaughtered by Google. I had around a hundred and forty long-tail keywords that hierarchical on the primary page that have all currently born to page 2-4.” “I do not perceive what they’re updating? I did associate degree analysis over thirty websites. I found that whose page rank , domain authority, page authority and link profile area unit sturdy they’re affected and therefore the others United Nations agency has nothing they improve position

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