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What, How and Why of this new algorithm: Hummingbird from Google!!!

Almost two month ago, Google turned 15, and to commemorate decided to announce in Menlo Park garage where it all started, Google introduced a new algorithm i.e. Humming Bird!!

An algorithm that has given much to talk about between SEO in recent weeks. According to Google this algorithm has affected 90% of searches, so in theory it’s a real important algorithm. What we know today is that exactly Hummingbird? How does it work? Why there? And most importantly how it is affecting?

Prior to this the two recognized algorithm have already been introduced by Google i.e – Google Panda and Google Penguin.In this general you’ll have all the answers related to this new algorithm.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Humingbird gets its name originated in Google office itself. Google considers this algorithm as a fast and accurate algorithm, as it can become the Hummingbirds, which is nothing but the translation of the word Hummingbird to Castilian. The speed and accuracy of Google Hummingbird refers to the results , and especially the way of understanding a type of search that so far did not give the best results to complex searches .

And you’re wondering what a complex search is? For it is when we asked the finder asking a question : What is the best Indin restaurant in barcelona ? And Google suggestion reflects: Who is Barack Obama?

But why is Google’s new algo??

Hummingbird exists an evolution that is taking place today, and this development comes on the heels of mobile devices. So far we conducted searches of the basic form, style searches were “cheap Indian hotel “, but now with the new mobile devices that allow us to ask questions naturally through voice, they’ll searches phrases like of “What is the cheapest hotel in India”, therefore the search results must begin to understand what we are really asking, and although this seems easy, it is not so, which is why , Google leads several years working in this kind of search .


Do not forget that there are over 6 billion mobile phones in the world today, so Google must adapt if it wants to increase its market share in these devices.

But I must say that Google Hummingbird is not intended only for the mobile device, but its approach is much more ambitious. Hummingbird has been designed to answer complex questions by voice, which is why Google is promoting this new world all too within your browser Google Chrome, the Google Glass and other devices and applications, allowing today that the user can perform complex queries by voice.

How it works?

Take an example, as mentioned before Google so far only understood words and synonyms of these, which means that when we performed a search on the search engine, the engine picked words and searched his database, showing more suitable results depending on the various factors of the algorithm.

Actually the search engine does not understand the meaning of what you desire, simply looking for matching keywords and synonyms. Now the engine goes further and begins to understand what we want, opening up a range of new possibilities in the search engine.


Now Google can actually understand what you are requesting, and above know you’re looking for a location, geographic position and move your question to a question like “Where to find cheap books in India market?” Because now Google have geographic position and added variable positioning as a filter to the results reported. And here is where all the power of Google Hummingbird , to understand what we asked him to give us some more suited to what we want results , and either way, offer the best advertising. We must never forget that Google is a company and it gives us better results, why not get better advertising based on what we are asking.

How affecting is the Hummingbird?

Although most recent updates released focused on the quality of the results, ” Hummingbird” is different because it is not an algorithm change at the outcome level , but an evolution of the existing algorithm , so no can be compared , as have many professionals, for example with the change you made with Google Caffeine in 2010.

The Caffeine was a change in Google processing infrastructure which greatly improved the speed at which Google index able information, but it must be said , also caused the SERPS for low quality content will cleanse . Reason originated that Google was applying a series of filters , mentioned above (Google Panda, Google Penguin…) that would correcting these SERPS of such low quality .

With Hummingbird, Google does not focus on the quality of results, but has now learned to answer questions. However , although it is hard to say so early , although in theory affects 90 % of searches have not appreciated abrupt changes in the SERPS , so in principle especially affects mobile devices, which are the use this search normally.

There is also a very important factor is that with “Hummingbird”, Google is much enhanced the Knowledge Graph (Google Knowledge Graph about Hummingbird) causing many searches, the SERP becomes a destination for users, and this really is a problem for many sites, and Google is giving so hard to Knowledge Graph, which in many searches do not even need to get out of Google to get the result. This implies that those pages that gave a type of information that now has the Knowledge Graph, whether they are losing a lot of traffic.

If you wish you can do one of the following searches, and perhaps you bear a surprise, and do not miss the video that really does amazing things.

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