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Now it’s easy to conquer the Business Bulls

Now a day’s companies are into practising all the basic as well as technological perspective to attract customers in order to make them avail there services.Making their mind diverting towards such myth is a tactic in today’s business environment. It’s not that easy as it sounds, because every business person wants to deliver quality and have such tactic to embrace client.Some time it become difficult to understand the needs or sometimes it become difficult to contact a client, a many time it happens that the client require so much that it become difficult to deliver it on time so what needs to be done then??

Here comes the need to employee CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management. To understand the need of any customer it is require having a better management along with a good vision and here CRM proves to be helpful.There are different king of CRM available in the market but in this article we’ll discuss some features of ZOHO CRM (as it’s my favourite one).


ZOHO CRM is easy to understand and is very user friendly. It keeps all the entries in a specific pattern that is easy to maintain and easy to understand. It also deploys the functionality of widgets that makes it fun to use. It  comes with many useful functional tabs such as – Calendar Application, Online Document Management, Online Note Taker, Online spreadsheet, Online presentation tool, word processor, Remote Support, Accounting Software, Applicant Tracking System, Online Reporting and Business Intelligence, Help Desk, Live-Desk, Web Conferencing, Issue Tracking Tool, web applications creator, Mail Suite, Forums Software, Instant messaging and group chat and many more.

ZOHO CRM facilitates with the tabs that makes it definable and provide one click usability. Below is the list of highlighted tabs with their usability concern:

Leads: This tab is the most important one when it comes to business!! Leads are the most important individuals when a business is concerned, without a lead who will avail the services and what would be the need of creating CRM account… 😀

Accounts: This Client’s contact the leads that has been converted to mature.

Contacts: All the contacts listed in the CRM.

Potentials: Business deals with organizations or people that generate revenue for your organization.

Activities: All the generated activities that are include in CRM with priority listing.

Reports: It’ll give the idea of all the reports generated such as – Converted leads, Account status, Accounts by industry, Lead by source and many more.

Dashboard: Home page for any account with all the widgets and lead information.


Solution: Solutions are the resources within the organization that enables solving repetitive problems encountered by customers.

Record Customer Cases: Cases are feedback received from the customers on various issues pertaining to the use of your products or services.

So to conquer the bulls you have a friend now!!

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